KTME Control Tower

We are proud of our control tower. Not only does it have a “retro 1940’s look” but in the overhaul process we upgraded it to the newest technology. The controllers love it and say it is the most modern equipped tower they have worked at.

General Information
  • Air traffic control tower open from 6AM to 10PM (local time)
  • Controls:
    Tower 126.975 / 0600-2200 (local time)
    Ground control 132.075 / 0600-2200 (local time)
    Clearance delivery 132.075 / 0600-2200 (local time)
    Unicom 122.975
    ATIS/AWOS 119.525
Fly Quiet Program

The Fly Quiet Program is administered from the control tower. For more details about the program, click here.